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Talismanic Pentagram



The Talismanic Pentagram

 In ancient times, the pentacle was revered as a symbol of life, the five classical elements of  Earth, Air, Fire and Water , joined with Spirit to create life. Wearing the pentagram was and is viewed as protection and as a talisman of divine life and good health.

Did you ever notice that the natural way to draw a "star" is by making a pentagram or that cutting an apple crosswise reveals the Earth Mother's own pentagram. Since the apple has been a sacred symbol of knowledge and eternal life for thousands of years in many different cultures this certainly gives the geometric pentagram almost "genetic" weight as an unconscious universal symbol of life.

The protection of the pentagram can be invoked by using the pentagram to a sign on your chest. 
Beginning at the left breast, with the right hand, go to the forehead, to the right breast, then left shoulder, right shoulder and end at the left breast. A cycle is complete the end is the beginning. This continuous and closed or gateless sign of protection was used long before the Christians began to cross themselves with a four pointed cross.

TThroughout time, symbolism and meaning have been ascribed to geometric form, numbers and other expressions of the dynamic aspect of our spiritual energies. The forms which reflect divine nature have been used over time until now, as we rediscover their meanings and uses, we continue their expression anew.

Symbols carry these dynamic archetypal qualities and often have multiple layers of meaning. We urge you to discover for yourself, through your own experience, the many such possible meanings of the symbols you choose to use in your own spiritual search and rituals..

There has long been interest in the talismanic value of different numbers and their varied many pointed stars of patterns. We desire to bring you the beauty and magick of the sacred geometric forms long in use from the Far East and the Celtic lands through time and the uses of Alchemists, Magicians, Caballists and now, You.

Many of these designs are of an interlaced single line considered to be spiritually protective as it is a continuous enclosure, unbroken and therefore "gateless" thus no evil or undesired energy can enter into the circle of the pattern, it is a complete and endless cycle unto itself. Magical circles are often drawn in this same way, to create a space "between the worlds" a safe place for the work at hand to be done. 
Origin of the Talismanic Pentagram

The pentagram is one of the most common ideograms in both the West and the East and is almost as frequently used as the cross. The pentagram was probably discovered as a results of astronomical research in the Euphrates-Tigris region about 6000 years ago. The sign is the structure that results if one plots the movement of the planet Venus as seen from the earth in the zodiac.

Isolated pentagrams have been found in Palestine, at levels dating from around 4000 B.C. It was common sign among the Sumerians around 2700 B.C. Some of those who have conducted research of symbols believe was used by the Sumerians as cosmic symbol representing the four corners of the earth and the vault of the heavens. This, however, seems a bit far-fetched. The cross would have been better suited for this particular interpretation.

The five-pointed star is derived from the pentagram. The knowledge that linked it with planet Venus was somehow lost or repressed from the earliest Sumerian times until the present day. After the Sumerians epoch in the Euphrates-Tigris region, the Venus goddess seems to have been symbolized by the eight-pointed star. 

The goddess of Venus, Isthar, from the ancient Euphrates-Tigris culture, appeared both as the Morning star and the Evening star. As the Morning star it was the deity of battle, hunting, and physical activity. As the Evening star it was the goddess of beauty, sexuality, and fertility. This illustrated in the way and are used in modern Western societies. When is used, its often related to war and military power, , however, appears in the West as sign to denote feasting, happiness, festivities, and favorable opportunities. Appears as sign for planet Venus only in the Arabic cultural sphere. In many of the Arabic nations flags, the sign , representing the planet Venus as the Morning star appears. In sign the moon is represented as being on the wane. In this sign, therefore, is the Morning star, the deity of war and action.

It is quite possible that the European crusaders first came across when they went to war the Muslims to win back Jerusalem. It was then that defeated Western powers adopted the sign from their victorious enemies. Maybe they began to make use of it in the hope that it would ensure them victories. This development was further strengthened when the Turks during the seventeenth century moved through Southeast Europe, defeating all nations in their path. It is natural for the symbol used by a victorious enemy to become a sign denoting military power, and the negative pole (the Devil) in a dualistic dichotomy between Good and Evil, God and Devil.

During the Middle Ages the pentagram was associated with magic and Antichrist - the Devil. It was used in Nordic countries, where it was drawn on doors and walls as protection against trolls and evil. When the sign is turned so that two of its ends are pointing upward, like , it represents the Devil.

Put  Mystery Of  The Talismanic Pentagram


Do you ever wonder why some people seem to flow into money, love and happiness while most others struggle? 
Do you ever wonder why two people doing the EXACT SAME THING often get opposite results? 
Why is it some individuals seem "doomed" to a life of  loneliness, of crying themselves to sleep at night, even though they would do anything to change their fortune? 
We believe there is an unforeseeable factor at work in our daily lives. Eastern mystics call it "karma". Some people call it "chance". We call it "luck". It's that ethereal quality that makes a person miss his flight on a plane that will later crash. It's that unexplainable phenomena that lets one person win the jackpot on the first pull of the same one-armed bandit that another just vacated after three hours of futile trying. 
And it's the remarkable and unexpected turn of events that transforms a "down on their luck" social outcast into an admired and respected member of society. 
Yet as unexplainable as these events may be, we have noticed a common thread. Perhaps you have too. Did you notice that most every lottery winner carries a "talisman" or "good luck charm" in the form of a rabbit's foot or coin? 
Did you notice that successful people wear lucky charms, certain pins or amulets where ever they go? 
Is it possible for the talisman to possess certain life-changing qualities? 

We think so. We've studied the power of Haitian voodoo rituals, Buddhist prayer wheels and Chinese gold medallions. There are several case histories documenting their power. 
However, the most powerful talisman we've come across was sparked in the most unusual way...

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